Our Story

There we were, two strategy consultants working long hours, writing proposals, traveling and raising our families. We loved our jobs but hated how they made it difficult to eat healthy, and so our water cooler conversations would revolve around everything from kale to grass-fed meat.

We knew from experience that when we ate the highest quality food that we could find, we had more energy and were more present in our work and our personal lives. We felt unstoppable.

When we ate convenience and processed foods, even the ones with the “healthy” labels, we could barely make it through the morning.

Unfortunately, our story isn't unique. We've watched many people sacrifice their health to climb the corporate ladder. And so we decided to put our passion into action, and the WellWorks Project was born.

We didn’t want to see another person give up their well being for their career because we believe you don’t have to. 

We devoted thousands of hours researching nutrition and separating real food benefits from diet fads.  Our goal is to share what we have learned in a way that is easy to understand and implement with as many people as possible.

We joined together to launch the Wellworks Project because we believe you and your wellness are the highest-priority project there is.  

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