Workshops & Classes

Our workshops and classes are great offerings for corporate all-hands meetings, monthly "lunch and learns", virtual sessions or other corporate events. Contact us to learn how WellWorks can customize a class to fit your needs. 

Happy Healthy Buzz

With the WellWorks Project, you get so much more than a workshop or challenge: Our sessions create a happy, healthy buzz in your office.

Employees will be focused on what they can do to be more productive and feel better throughout the day. A sense of camaraderie will emerge as colleagues support one another on their journey to feel more energy and reach their health goals.

Not just a Workshop

Beyond the actual workshop and class collaborate to ensure the session achieves your specific objectives.  We work with you to:

  • Give guidance on healthy snacks to serve during the program and in the office.

  • Promote your program to build attendance and provide promotional flyers, email blurbs and activities.

  • Integrate our programs with your existing employee enrichment, health and wellness and team-building activities.

Download our Are You Tired of Being Tired info sheet.

“Susana and Leslie presented “Are You Tired of Being Tired?” at our offices and our consultants loved it. They got so many of their health questions answered and it has made a lasting impact in how we keep up our energy during stressful projects.”
— Lois Lyons, Director of Recruiting for Excella, Inc.